The Unsinkable Victoria Lowe

- Republished with permission from L.A. Focus

Corporate Restructuring

In our capacity as Chief Restructuring Officer we provide financial and business management restructuring.

Financial Restructuring

  • Develop plans to reduce cost and work with management to implement
    1. Recommend organizational structure changes in terms of downsizing the employee base to reduce expenses and create greater efficiencies;
    2. Reduce non-employee expenses such as marketing expenses, and travel.
  • Improve the cash flow of the company's operations
    1. Improve the timing of accounts receivable collections by collecting them more quickly;
    2. Developing a payment structure for accounts payable, principally owed to subcontractors of the Company;
    3. Analysis of the business and recommend maintaining appropriate gross profit margins and creating sales to customers who are creditworthy.

Business Management Restructuring

  • Assess overall operations and recommend appropriate changes for both management and electronic efficiencies
    1. Develop a process for the client to close it's books in the month immediately following the operating month;
    2. Work with senior management to provide them with tools, including software, that provides information including daily sales and to permit them to monitor expenses on a daily basis. This will permit the Company to focus on its most important item of information, which is its cash flow.
  • Renegotiate/Restructure client and contractor/supplier/vendor agreements and payments including payments to vendors, quicker payments from customers and increasing profit margins on sales to customers.

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