The Unsinkable Victoria Lowe

- Republished with permission from L.A. Focus

Mergers, Aquisitions & Expansions

The Composite Resources team can assist clients with mergers, aquisitions and business expansions. We can also introduce clients to joint venture and/or strategic partners and provide assistance in finding and securing contractual opportunities.

Investment Criteria

Composite Resources will generally look for the following criteria for acquisition. However, Composite Resources, LLC will deviate for the "right" candidate.

  1. Composite Resources is seeking manufacturing or distribution opportunities.
  2. Preferably serving industrial customers.
  3. Revenue 20 M+
  4. Annual cash flow/EBITDA of $2.5M +
  5. The business is profitable.
  6. Relatively non complex business operations.
  7. The company is strategically positioned.
  8. The property has minimal debt
  9. Stable cash flow for at least the past three years.
  10. Non-commodity, value added products.
  11. Available capacity.
  12. Capable senior management team.
  13. Seller must be willing to assist us with the transition.
  14. High customer retention rates.
  15. Excellent reputation in industry.
  16. Straightforward operations.

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