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Composite Resources, LLC assists management and stakeholders in assessing the status of their business vis-à-vis the competition; in developing and implementing plans to reposition the company and its products or services in the market place; reducing operational cost and achieving its operational and strategic objectives.   We also assist management in raising the structured capital necessary to achieve its short and longer-term goals and objectives.  Composite has worked on engagements with companies that range from start up ventures to a $1.2 billion annual revenue division of a Fortune 500 company.  Our engagements included raising several million dollars to raising over $700 million.


Composite also acquires for its own account.  Please refer the Mergers, Acquisition & Expansion portion of this site for criteria.  When acquiring properties for its own portfolio, Composite seeks opportunities with seasoned management in place.  However, should our assistance be required Composite can provide the same assistance available through its consulting practice.

Composite specifically assists in:



  • Raising structured capital needed to operate and grow a business in accordance with the goals and objectives outlined by management.
    • We offer services ranging from developing the offering memorandum for presentation to potential debt sources and equity investors to.
    • Providing consultation and guidance to management, including crisis management assistance to bring the process to completion.
  • Cost containment and reduction through developing and/or revising inventory management plans
    • Developing and implementing Material Requirements Planning systems ("MRP").
    • Reducing inventory SKU's and associated carrying cost (industry averages generally result in annual cost savings of 50% of total inventory cost reduction)
  • Product and service lines repositioning within the market place
    • Assisting management in developing and implementing Sales and Marketing Plans.
    • Improving gross margins.
  • Strategic Organizational Studies
    • Management Structure Recommendations based on strategic plans of company
  • Distribution and Manufacturing Studies
    • Warehouse development and placement
    • Distribution needs
  • Executive Coaching particularly for succession planning


Composite provides assistance tailored and staffed to specifically address the unique challenges facing your company.  Each engagement is based on a negotiated but competitive price. Our professional services range from $250 to $1,000 per man-hour.  We also will price an engagement on a fixed basis by the task or by the entire jobAll engagements are staffed, according to the complexity of the assignment, with a blend of consultants -- varying in experience -- designed to minimize the cost to the client and yet met the challenges and requirements of the job.

Composite’s executive management team represents over 100 years of experience. Additionally, Composite has consultants available for staffing engagements who, collectively, have hundreds of years of experience over a wide range of business and engineering management disciplines.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
- Ecclesiastes 3:1



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